Top 5 Self Defense Techniques for Women (2022)

Top 5 Self Defense Techniques for Women (1)

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Everywomanshould learnself-defenseintoday’sworld. Many women walk home late at night or walk to their car concerned they may get attacked. Women should not have to be scared when running errands or running around in their neighborhood. I know not all women are scaredevery timethey go out to do something but you need to be aware and have at least some training to fight back if attacked.

Men are usually stronger and physically bigger than women. It is biological that men have greater strength and more weight. This is a huge advantage even among men. I train to fight and I cannot fight someone 225 pounds when I weigh 185 pounds. If our training and fighting skills were equal the heavier fighter still has the upper hand with the additional weight. The 225 pound man canpunchharder and use their body weight to beat a smaller opponent. Have you ever seen a bully pick on someone their own size, usuallynot?

There are different things you can do as a women to even the playing field. You can carry weapons that will help stop an attack so you can get away. You can also train yourself inself-defensefighting system so you can strike a few hits to be able to get away. You are not going to fight to knock a man out or win an actual fight. We need you to do just enough damage to a vital area to run.

The question is which martial artsisbest forself-defense? Which is the best for learningself-defense? I have taken several different martial arts but I have not taken them all. I do know this I wanted to learn how to fight back if someone picks a fight with me or tries to bully me. I did not want to learn kata’s or any other choreographed moves. I wanted to learn how to fight to protect myself and my family. There are two types of martial arts the traditional where you learn kata,formsand sparring. The other type is actual street fighting martial arts geared towards learning to fight back.

These are my recommendations if you want to learn to fight off an attacker or to learn to fight on the street.


  • Top martial arts to train in for kids and adults. This is a system that teaches you to submit opponents or attackers on the ground
  • JiuJitsuisGround fighting – Over 90% of all street fights go to the ground
  • Bigger Opponents –JiuJitsuteaches you how to submit and win against bigger opponents
  • Quick Progress – Several months to a year you can be very proficient in using the techniques in a real situation


  • Training to help men and women defend against attackers
  • Israeli Special Forces –KravMagawas developed by Israeli Special Forces
  • Efficient – Uses real life like training on people and focus mitts. Use real scenarios like chokes and grabs showing you moves to counter then attack to get away


  • Comes from Thailand and is really deadly when used properly
  • Deadly Strikes – I likeMuayThai for the elbow and knee strikes to opponents. One elbow to the chin and your attacker will be knocked out
  • Kicks – Your kick can be like hitting someone with a baseball bat if you learn how to truly kickMuayThai style

MMA (UFC Fighters Training)

  • I trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) with a bunch of guys at a local gym. MMA fighters will destroy most anyone in a fight. The training for stand up and ground fighting makes them lethal.
  • Self Defense – Most MMA gyms train fighters for amateur MMA or to get to UFC. If you can find a gym like I did just to train then your abilities to fight off an attack can increase 10 fold if you train in MMA.
  • Fight Sport – Most MMA gyms are geared towards fighter who wants to get in the ring. It is tough to find an MMA gym that will let you train just forself-defense.


Bruce Lee developed this system back when he was alive. I trained in JKD when I was younger for about 3 years. I liked it a lot because they start you out boxing then I moved to learningMuayThai then on to other martial arts that were geared towards winning in a street fight. This system takes what is useful from other martial arts. If a technique would work in a fight JKD system would incorporate it into the training. Since I have been there it has evolved and I think they addedJiuJitsuand other fighting systems. You would just need to check if you have a JKD gym near where you live.


There are probably many other fighting systems that are good or great but these are the ones I know the best because I trained in them.

I know that was a ton of general information so let’s get to Learning what moves work for women.

The top 5 self-defense moves for women

    1. Throat Punch – I personally like the throat punch as the number one self-defense move. Everyone from a 100 pound female to a 300 pound male have weak throats. You punch a man in the throat and he will go down quickly. The few seconds they try to catch their breath is all the time you need to get away from an attacker.
      1. Aim for the throat using your fist, side palm or any object in your hand like a book.Hit them hard then when they pause or drop to the ground you run.
    2. Groin Kick – The way I do this is foot replacement and I have avideothat shows you how we do it. This is fast and nearly impossible to miss the target if practiced just a little. I taught my 14 year old daughter to do this and the throat punch.
      1. You take the back foot slide it up to where the front foot is when standing in a fight position. When the back foot replaces the front you then snap the front foot into their groin.
    3. Knee Strike – This hit will take their knee out making it impossible to chase you or grab you since they can’t stand. You need to do some practice so check out thisvideo.
      1. You slide your back foot up to the front and strike down on the knee with your kick. Done right the knee will buckle and hopefully your tore their ACL or broke their leg so you can get away.
    4. Eye Gouge– This is one of the main strikes people learn if they are attacked. When defending yourself you have to really stick your finger into the eye to blur their vision.
        1. You can use your thumbs or index finger and you just need to jam them into the eye socket. You do this until they let go so you can get away. This seems really gross but when fighting for your lifedon’t worryabout them do what you need to for survival.
    5. Nose Strike– You strike the nose in a manner that will break it so the attacker eyes will start watering. You just need a few seconds to stop them so you can get away.
      1. You can strike straight into the nose or strike up into the nostril to cause their nose to break and hopefully eyes to water.

You need to know these 5 hits above to stop an attacker. We have linked some videos to show you how to do it. Just watching does not help you need to actually practice for 30 days maybe 10 minutes a day. This will create some muscle memory allowing you to performthat hit when you need it the most. Anytime you can take an actual live self defense class it is a great way to train for real life scenario. If you don’t think this works ask the women in the article I read a few months back. She had just takes a self defense class and was jogging when she stopped at a park to go to the restroom. It was early spring so no one was really around the restrooms. A man entered the restroom to attack and rape this women but she fought back using the training she just received. She really messed him up and escaped with no serious injury and that man was arrested. This self defense training works you just need to take the classes and do it.

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