​Top 5 Best Self-Defense Products for Women (2022)

Often times, attackers believe that women aren't as able to defend themselves or fight back as a man would. In fact, statistics have shown time and time again that women are more likely to be targets.

That being said, it's important to understand the best self defense products and non-lethal weapons are available for women.

In honor of our mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, colleagues and other ladies involved in our lives, we'll cover the Top 5 Best Self-Defense Products and Weapons for Women. We'll show you the best options for your personal safety and protection!

The Best Self Defense Spray and Pepper Spray for Women

​Top 5 Best Self-Defense Products for Women (1)

DPS Flip Top Keychain Pepper Spray

DPS is one of the best defense spray brands on the market for women and men (which is why we love it so much; the heat and OC strength is insane). The DPS Fliptop Keychain Pepper Spray puts the baddest OC formulation in the most practical defense spray design.

The spring-loaded flip top release help prevents accidental discharge, compared to your average twist top design. This significantly cuts down on reaction time and makes it easier to deploy the spray.

The featured grip design makes it extremely easy to hold. It is a great choice for joggers or anyone walking in transition from one location to another.

This product is a favorite among our female customers and one that we highly recommend if you are looking for a defense spray that can clip to your keys, store in your vehicle or purse. The DPS flip top keychain pepper spray comes in black or pink ½ oz volume unit.

If you're more interested in a pepper spray option that gives you range and space between you and attackers (verses portability and ease of use) checkout DPS X-Stream-Range. It's the same great pepper spray formula however, the dispersal range can spray 15-17 ft compared to the average 7-10 ft of other pepper sprays. Creating space between you and assailantsis critical for women during any type of encounter. It allows you to buy time and get to safety after deploying your self defense spray.

Personal Defense Keychains That Help Women Fight Back

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Wild Kat Self-Defense Keychain

If you’re a cat lover, the Wild Kat Self-Defense Keychain will certainly be a go-to self-defense weapon for you. It is made of hard ABS plastic and certainly packs a punch. You can use the sharp ears to strike pressure points on an assailant’s body, or even poke an attacker in the eyes if things get really violent. Hold your fingers through the eyes and go for the attack!

Self defense keychains are a great choice for female college students, joggers and travelers. The design is optimal for portability and also allows women to be discrete about caring non-lethal weapons as they're camouflaged in plain sight.

The Wild Kat Self-Defense Keychain is attached to a keyring, making it easy to attach to your keys. It also comes in a variety of colors: red, black, pink, light blue, dark blue, yellow, green, purple and clear; a color to fit anyone’s style.

If you want a kitty personal defense keychain made of metal, the Black Cat Self-Defense Keychain is a popular alternative. Prefer dogs over cats? Check out the Brutus Self-Defense Keychain.

Self Defense for Women on the Go

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Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet

If you are looking for “protection at a moment’s notice”, the Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet has you covered. It is the smallest, most discreet pepper spray product on the market and the world’s first patented, fashionable pepper spray bracelet.

It has been featured on several TV shows, including Steve Harvey, and is extremely popular among joggers and runners. It is easily accessible, offering one of the best response times compared to other defense sprays.

The Little Viper is an excellent choice for college students, realtors, rideshare drivers, travelers and anyone else on the go. This pepper spray bracelet currently comes in black, pink, blue, coral, and viper green.

Being that women are more likely to be targets, you need to be ready at all times. Self defense products like this one allows you to do just that.

The upgraded Little Viper Bracelet is now available.The new design features:

- A patented cartridge bay for replaceable cartridges, which will reduce the waste involved in throwing away and buying a new bracelet, as well as offer the utility of being able to use water-based training cartridges and regular OC cartridges.

- A larger cartridge, for greater volume and increased distance.

- A new formulation, powered by DPS. The new cartridge will be filled with the hottest OC formula on the market, mixed with CS (tear gas) for greater effect.

- Interchangeable bands, with limited edition holiday colors! With replaceable cartridges, you will be able to purchase separate bands in different color variations. Holiday colors will be released in limited quantities (e.g. orange for Halloween; red or green for Christmas) each year.

Sign up to the newsletter at www.littleviper.com to stay posted!

Women Who Prefer Electroshock Weapons

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TASER Pulse w/ Laser Sight + Noonlight Technology

The TASER is widely known as an effective self-defense tool; infamous among the criminal element, so much so that merely drawing or arching the device can make the bad guys nervous. Electroshock weapons like this one allows women to impair subject's physically. The impact causes muscle contractions while buying you time to get to safety.

The TASER Pulse w/ Laser Sight + Noonlight Technology is the workhorse for the everyday consumer, offering the end-user the ability to completely immobilize a threat for 30-second cycles. Fire the TASER, hit the target, drop it and run to safety.

TASER International (AXON) will replace your device when you file a police report. The TASER Pulse has a laser sight for target acquisition and there is also an app you can use (at a cost of $9.99 per month) to dispatch law enforcement to your location through the use of targeted GPS. Legal to own in most states. Great choice for conceal & carry owners, fugitive recovery and anyone that lives or works in dangerous areas.

You can’t go wrong with the most popular less-lethal tool among law enforcement. Just understand that like any other self-defense product, the TASER also has limitations. See the important differences between stun guns and TASERs.

Personal Defense Alarm Keychains Allow Women to Get the Attention of Help

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Keychain Personal Alarm with Light

Although not an offensive self defense product, the Keychain Personal Alarm with Light can be used to ward off threats. Many criminals use the element of surprise to get an upper hand on their victims, with alarms you can get the attention of help.

We understand that women are more than capable of fighting back but in the middle of an altercation, personal alarms can be used to break the silence and warn others of your plight. This particular alarm features a very loud 130db screech, which can be activated manually or by pulling the pin. Once the pin is released, the alarm will continue to sound until it is placed back in. With the element of surprise lost, many criminals will choose to leave for fear of being caught.

This personal alarm features a light (although not very bright) to help brighten up the darkness, as well as a keyring to allow for attachment to keys. This is paired well with an offensive weapon, such as pepper spray or a stun gun, for ultimate effect. Self defense alarms make a great choice for women, college students, travelers and others on the go.

These Top 5 Self-Defense Products for Womenare tools that you can use to effectively fight back. With pepper sprays, self defense keychains, pepper spray bracelets, tasers, and alarms at your disposal, you can walk through life with security. If you are looking for a list of how we rank each individual category of products, check out ourSelf-Defense Products Buyer’s Guidefor more information. If you would like an individualized assessment on product guidance for your specific circumstances, please reach out to us at

sales@srselfdefense.com for assistance! We are more than happy to help.

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