How To Work With Freelance Content Writer On Upwork (2023)

How To Work With Freelance Content Writer On Upwork (1)

In my previous post, we discussed how to hire the best freelance writer on Upwork. Indeed, you need to do due diligence before bringing on board a freelance content writer. Make sure you follow all the tips and guidelines highlighted in that article to get value for every dollar you spend on the content.

Today, we will look at surefire tips for working well with Upwork freelance content writers. A cordial working relationship will ensure that your content marketing strategy succeeds in;

· Increasing organic traffic to your website and social media pages

· Improving your website ranking in SERPs (Search engine results pages)

· Generating sales

· Establishing meaningful and memorable connections with the target audiences

· Increasing your brand exposure online

Let’s dive in and look at how to nurture a good working relationship with your Upwork freelance content writer.

Not to sound like a broken record, but you need to work smart to find your project’s most qualified content writer. Upwork has hundreds, if not thousands, of freelancers who are experts in different niches. Here are some factors you should consider when hiring a freelance content writer on Upwork.

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· Job success score: It shows how successful a freelancer is in meeting a client’s project requirements

· Experience: Have they worked on similar projects in the past

· Reputation: Check feedback posted by other clients

· Pricing: Compare the rates to match your budget

· Availability: Confirm that the freelancer will be available to write the content and complete the tasks on time.

Take the time to consider each of the above factors to find the most qualified writer for your project. Also, read the main cover letter to learn more about the content writer you’re about to hire.

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The job description should be as detailed as possible to attract freelancers with the required skills and expertise. Thus, provide all the essential information such as;

· Topics or niches

· Number of articles

· Keywords

Involve your in-house content manager when writing the description to avoid later inconveniences. Upwork allows clients to edit the job description, but you are better off getting it right the first time to save time that would have been spent vetting the wrong freelancers.

Upwork is an open marketplace for SEOs, copywriters, and content writers. They have the freedom to charge whichever amount they feel matches their expertise. When writing the job description, request the writers to indicate their preferred rate in their cover letters.

Compare and contrast the prices to find one that matches your budget. Negotiate if you feel the writer is qualified, but their rate is not within your budget.

Cheap is expensive — you will get more results from a premium content writing service than from a cheap one. Remember, content marketing and SEO are long-term investments in your business.

The content will influence how customers perceive your brand, so be ready to remunerate your writer well to motivate them to deliver the best content possible. You can offer bonuses and other freebies to create a good rapport.

Confirm that the hired content writer has the skills and expertise mentioned in the cover letter and messages by assigning a test article. The test should be directly related to the type of content you require to help you know whether they are a good fit.

Rarely will top-rated Upwork freelance writers like me write a test article for free. Show them that you are legit and interested in hiring them by making it a paid test article. You can agree with the client to pay 50% upfront and the balance if the article meets your requirements.

Communication is vital when working with Upwork content writers. The platform has a robust messaging platform that allows clients and writers to exchange messages and files. You could even hold a video call at no extra cost on-site.

Concisely, constantly communicating with the writer will ensure that the project goes on smoothly. Be professional and open to their suggestions and ideas as well as questions. More importantly, be responsive — keeping them waiting for hours for clarification will delay your project.

Contrary to popular belief, over 80% of the Top-Rated Freelance Content Writers on Upwork work full-time. They make a living by writing SEO content for clients via Upwork and other similar platforms.

It, therefore, goes without saying that you should be proactive in reviewing and approving tasks. Upwork gives clients up to 14 days to approve tasks. The milestone will automatically be approved if you don’t check the tasks within that period.

Avoid that by adjusting your schedule to get ample time to review and approve the tasks submitted by your writer. You will get an email notification and push notification if you have installed the Upwork mobile app immediately after the writer submits content. Act on it fast!

The success of an Upwork freelancer is dependent on feedback from clients. As a top-rated freelance content writer on the platform, I strive to consistently deliver the best content to clients and get positive feedback. The more positive feedback, the higher the chances of winning new projects.

Promote your writer’s success on the platform by leaving feedback after completing the project. Be truthful about your experience working with the freelancer to help other clients get a clear perspective of the quality of content writing service offered by the writer.

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I get lots of questions about Upwork from writers and businesses looking to hire a freelancer from the platform. Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions.

First, Upwork is currently listed in the stock market and has an estimated market capitalization of 4 billion USD. It’s a powerhouse for freelancers looking for consistent work and clients who want to hire the most qualified experts without breaking the bank.

That said, Upwork is a great platform to kickstart your career as a freelance content writer or freelance copywriter. Hundreds of new projects you can apply for are posted on the Upwork job board. Check it frequently and use the filter option to find the ones that match your skills and interests from the rumble.

Yes, a recent study by the company found that 60% of the independent contractors on the platform who quit full-time jobs to become freelancers earn more than they did in their previous jobs. In 2020, freelancers from the United States earned $20 per hour on average.

Yes, freelancers pay 20% of the project’s total cost to Upwork as a fee for connecting them with the client and the escrow service. On the other hand, the client pays a 5% fee in addition to the project’s total cost for hourly jobs, fixed-price, bonuses, BYO contracts, and catalog projects.

Upwork has a host of different payment methods, namely;

· Direct to U.S bank (ACH)

· Direct to local banks outside the U.S — $0.99 per transfer

· U.S Dollar Wire Transfer — $30 per transfer

· Instant Pay for U.S Freelancers — $2.00 per transfer

· PayPal

Ensure that you provide accurate details of your preferred mode of payment to avoid delays. The company will take 1–3 business days to verify the details and add the preferred payment method to your account.

Well, it depends on the project and personal preferences. Based on research and experience working on the platform, Upwork is ideal for long-term projects, while Fiverr works best for short-term projects.

One of the highlights of Upwork is that it allows clients and freelancers to agree on hourly rates. Clients can also evaluate the number of working hours a freelancer spends on the project before paying.

The fixed-price projects are equally convenient for both clients and freelancers. The clients review and approve milestones soon after the freelancer submits the work. It’s only after the milestone is approved that the funds are transferred to the writer.

Upwork is the most progressive and scalable marketplace for clients and freelance content writers. The vetting process ensures that only skilled content writers join the platform and bid on projects.

Get top-notch content that meets your content marketing goals and objectives today by hiring a reputable Upwork Top-rated freelance content writer with a Job Success Rate of 100%. Quality and timely service delivery is guaranteed.

Feel free to contact me via email at or Skype _at Alphanmaina for more details on how to get the best results from your content marketing budget. See you soon!

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