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Originally Posted by crazyhayashi
HDCD isn't a format, and it does not stand for High Definition Compact Disc. It stands for High Definition Compatable Digital. It isn't tied to the CD format, it's tied to LPCM, so it can be used on DVD (even with DTS, but not Dolby Digital).

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Almost. HDCD needs a decoding chip, usually build inside a CD or DVD player, in order to take advantage of the encoded information. However, a HDCD can be play back on any CD or DVD player, with or without decoding.

SACD is an entirely new format. A SACD can be single-layer or dual-layer, commonly known as a hybrid SACD. On a single-layer SACD, it can contain a dedicated stereo mix, as required by SACD specs, and multi-channel surround mix. The surround mix is optional though. Single-layer SACD can only be played on a SACD-capable player. A hybrid SACD has a second layer, which contains a CD mix of the album. This gives hybrid SACD backward compatibility with regular CD players, portable CD players, DVD players, and computer CD-ROM drives. On the CD layer of a hybrid SACD, the music can also be HDCD-encoded.

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Since dts was mentioned, there's also a type of CDs that are encoded with dts, thus making multi-channel surround sound possible. However, in order to play this type of disc, one needs a CD or DVD player with either build-in dts decoding capability or a digital output so that the signal can be decoded by an external dts decoder.

The so-called "format war" is between SACD and DVD-Audio, which is an off-shoot of the DVD-Video format. DVD-Audio is backed by Panasonic and the Warner Music Group. SACD is backed by Sony and Philips, with software support from Sony Music. Both sides have done a lousy job of marketing these format, particularly DVD-A. Between the 2 formats, SACD continues to enjoy support from small independent audiophile labels, such as Telarc, as major labels cut back releases. On a worldside level, SACD now has over 2,800 titles and over 200 labels supporting the format. DVD-A is rare outside of the US, with the exception of Japan.

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Is SACD better than HDCD? ›

SACD is the next generation Audio disk, which is called Super Audio CD. SACD is encoded with DSD technology and can be steore, multichannel up to 5.1 surronding steore. SACD has higher resolution, wider dynamical range and higher signal to noise ratio than CD, XRCD and HDCD.

Is HDCD better than CD? ›

A: HDCD recordings will always sound better than conventional CDs when played on any CD player. You will hear fuller, richer sound on all types of players, from portables to high-end systems. This is why so many top artists and engineers use HDCD.

Can HDCD play on CD player? ›

The format remains compatible with the traditional audio CD, and non-HDCD players can play HDCD discs as if they were regular CDs.

Why did the SACD fail? ›

So why was SACD not a commercial success? First, there was a format war. The DVD Forum, headed by Toshiba, refused to pay patent royalties to Sony and Philips, and they launched a competing format: DVD-Audio, which couldn't be played in a CD player. Ironically, the royalty for an SACD was the same as for a CD: $.

Does HDCD sound better? ›

As compared to conventional CD's, HDCD-encoded CDs can sound markedly superior for two reasons: First of all the superb sonic quality provided by the Pacific Microsonics A-D converters which still to this day are considered by many to be the finest sounding A-D converters ever made.

Are HDCD and SACD the same? ›

One is SACD (Super Audio CD) which is actually based on a modified form of DVD. The other is HDCD which is based on audio CD. The vital distinction between these two systems in practice is that to play an SACD you require a hardware modified version of a DVD player. A normal DVD drive won't work.


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