Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (2023)

When I first started trying to get paid to write online, I thought I hadno frickin’ chanceof getting published on a major website.

The voice in my head was saying some pretty mean stuff, like:

  • “Um, you have NO bylines on major sites. Or even minor sites. Who are you to pitch yourself and expect to get a gig!?”
  • “You have no college degree, so uh… good luck with that.”
  • “You’re not good enough. You’re not experienced enough. Give. Up.”


Fortunately, I told that voice in my head to fuck off.

And I pitched myself anyway.

Within just a couple months of getting fired, I got a pitch accepted by a site I had been DREAMING of writing for.

(Even though I had almost no experience and didn’t have a blog/following at the time!)

I don’t say this to brag.

…I just want you to know what’s possible when you boldly put yourself out there and pitch / cold email, even when you’re a newbie to freelance writing.

Not only will the sites in this blog post help you get paid to write – they’ll also help you build your portfolio with impressive portfolio pieces, which can result in even MORE paid client work!

This, my friend, is how you get writing samples and start getting paid to write.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Pick a couple of sites to pitch from this list, and get started!

(PSSSTT! Side note: If you want to learn HOW to pitch and make your first $1,000 freelance writing, click here and join over 7,000 writers in my FREE class. See you there!)

Get Paid to Write: 17 Websites That’ll Pay You $100+ to Write in 2018

1. Liisbeth – Share your feminist perspective on entrepreneurship and politics.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (1)

Pay: $100-$2,000 Per Piece

The tagline for this site is “field notes for feminists in business,” so it’s pretttttty self-explanatory what they’re looking for.

They also have 1,000 subscribers and over 10K social media followers, so you’ll get your writing in front of quite a few feminist entrepreneurs!

2. Transitions Abroad – Write about living, studying, and volunteering abroad.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (2)

Pay: Up to $150

This site also accepts articles about cultural travel, country guides, teaching abroad, and working abroad in general.

If you want to write for them, be ready to write about 1.5K-2K words.

3. Alaska Airlines Magazine – Write about a variety of topics for the in-flight magazine.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (3)

Pay: $150-$700

Ever wished you could see your name inside an in-flight magazine?

If you can write about travel, business, technology, sports, education, personal investing, or one of the other topics they cover, pitch away (use this pitching guide to make sure your pitches have the BEST shot at getting accepted!).

Bonus points if you can write with a sense of humor!

4. The Travel Writer’s Life – Write about getting paid to travel (writing, photography, tours, etc.).

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (4)

Pay: Up to $200

Note that this site doesn’t publish straight-up travel narratives.

They’re looking for insider tips on earning more income as a travel writer and insightful interviews.

5. The Sun Magazine – Write fiction and poetry.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (5)

Pay: $100-$2,000

This site pays $100-$250 for poetry. How fucking cool is that!?

They also accept non-fiction works and encourage submissions from people of color (which is awesome!).

6. Linode – Write tutorials about Linux, linode, and cloud infrastructure.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (6)

Pay: Up to $300

Have specialized knowledge about these super technical topics and the ability to break down these topics clearly?

Pitch away!

7. Big Grey Horse – Write Texas travel destination reviews.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (7)

Pay: $125-$200

Being from the Lone Star State myself, I know we’ve got a LOT of neat-o destinations here. Plenty of places to see and write about!

If you’re a Texas writer and/or have visited a Texas location and want to write about it, check this site out.


If you need help pitching and winning your first clients, join over 7,000 writers in my FREE CLASS (that has LITERALLY helped writers land paid client work!):

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (8)

8. Chicken Soup for the Soul – Share an exciting/inspirational true story.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (9)

Pay: $200

This site is looking for pieces that are 1,200 words or less, so you’ve gotta be concise.

But overall, it looks like a great opportunity to take a break from technical/business writing and make money sharing a personal story!

9. Reader’s Digest – Share a 100-word true story.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (10)

Pay: $100

Pretty straightforward. The only question is:

Do you have the writing chops to tell a compelling story in 100 words or less?

…The only way to find out is to pitch. So, get to it! 🙂

(HEY! Remember: If you want to learn HOW to pitch and cold email based on what I did to land over $800 in paid client work my first month as a full-time freelance writer – even if you have no experience – click here andget my free, in-depth cold emailing and pitching guide!)

10. Popular Woodworking Magazine – Share your opinion on woodworking as a hobby or career.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (11)

Pay: $250

This site will pay you a nice chunk of change to write 600 words on your thoughts about woodworking as a hobby or career. And they encourage newbie freelancers to submit – even freelancers who are not pro woodworkers!

A perfect opportunity for a writer with an opinion on woodworking to score a byline and some sweeeet cash.

11. Income Diary – Write about making money online.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (12)

Pay: $200

More specifically, they’re looking for experts on website creation, getting website traffic, and using social media.

Just keep in mind that your article needs to be AWESOME if you want to get paid $200, so this may not be the best fit for a freelance newbie (unless you have specialized knowledge + mad blogging skillzzzz!).

12. Freshbooks – Write about freelancing, invoicing, small business, etc.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (13)

Pay: $200

Having written for Freshbooks before, I can tell you that their editor is SUPER nice and easy to work with.

I also love Freshbooks for invoicing.

I have a tutorial on how to use it to send freelance writing invoices right here, so be sure to check that out before you leave this post so you can easily track your finances, make tax time WAY simpler, and send your clients AMAZING, pro invoices!

13. WP Hub – Write about all things WordPress.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (14)

Pay: $100-$200

If you want to write for this site, you’ll need some web development background since they’re not just looking for reviews and basic technical guides.

Also, they’re putting out weekly articles, so the potential for lots of work is definitely there if you’re a WordPress guru!

14. Cosmopolitan – Share a memorable experience you had in college.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (15)

Pay: $100

Your article should be up to 800 words, and it should share a “crazy, touching, or hilarious” experience you had in college.

You can also share an opinion about college (“why college is bullshit” – LOL I’ll have to submit for that one myself!), so definitely check ‘em out!

15. Cooking Detective – Write about cooking and food, and share recipes.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (16)

Pay: Up to $160

If you know a thing or two about food, nutrition, or even kitchen appliances, you’ll want to pitch this site.

Just be prepared to write a pretty lengthy piece if you want to get paid the big bucks (they pay up to $160 for 3K-4K words)!

16. O87 Recovery Diaries – Share your mental health recovery story.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (17)

Pay: $250

This is another site on the list that I’ll have to pitch myself!

If you follow me on YouTube or Instagram (@JordenMakelle), you’ve probably seen me share my depression/anxiety story.

So, I think it’s pretty cool that this site pays writers to talk about mental health. Help break the stigma by sharing your story, and get paid for it – win-win!

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17. Nutri Inspector – Write about food, nutrition, weight loss, and kitchen products.

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (18)

Pay: Up to $180

This site accepts product reviews, informative articles, and ultimate “how-to” guides, with the ultimate guides paying the most.

They also have positions open for regular, part-time writers – so this has potential to become a consistent gig!


My #1 piece of advice for anyone who wants to get paid to write?

…Learn how to pitch!

Think about it:

You can be the best damn writer in the world…

But if you don’t know how to PITCH yourself and MARKET your writing?

Your work will sit there, collecting dust and never resulting in any paid client work.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

To help you out, I’ve created a totally FREE class (taken by over 7,000 aspiring writers like you!):

Get Paid to Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! (19)

At this class, you’ll learn:

  • Why a “portfolio isn’t enough(and what you MUST have instead)
  • How to get hired, even over more experienced writers(without it taking years)
  • The #1 method for landing your first high-paying clients(no Upwork, Fiverr, or shitty bidding sites required)

…And more.

Sign up now for instant access to the class on how to make your first $1,000 writing online with NO EXPERIENCE!

Or, if you’re more of a “quick, written guide” type of person…

Click here to grab my free guide on how to create a marketing strategy + pitches that get accepted.

Make SURE you do this before you leave the blog post, my friend!

Because, remember…

A mediocre writer who knows how to pitch/market themselves will become MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL than an amazing writer who is clueless about pitching and marketing.

(And if you’re a damn goodwriter who also knows how to pitch/market yourself? You’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.)

See you at the free class! 🙂


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  7. Mental Health. ...
  8. Education.
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These resources will provide you with great tips, advice and the support of other writers.
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