Free 'Introduce Yourself' PowerPoint Templates! (2023)

Introducing yourself and your team is a vital part of creating a connection with your audience. Here you’ll find some incredible ‘introduce yourself’ PowerPoint slides that you can add to your own presentation. And to showcase your company and highlight your team experience and skills, you’ll also find some amazing Team Introduction PowerPoint slides!

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‘Introduce yourself’ PowerPoint slides are incredibly important. However, they’re very often left aside and not given as much attention as they should receive. Introductory slides can help you project a confident image and assert your authority on any given topic. ‘Introduce yourself’ PowerPoint slides can help you showcase your background and your abilities, and thus assure your audience that you have all the necessary skills and resources to offer a solution to their problems. That’s why introducing your team and your company can be an essential part of gaining a new client or investor.

Think about the image of yourself you want to portray during your presentation and what characteristics you want yourself and your team to be associated with. Creativity? Soberness? Reliability? A professional PowerPoint design can go a long way in helping your look more professional and committed to your tasks.

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If you looking for ways to introduce yourself in your PowerPoint presentation, here are some great options! You’ll find different styles and layouts you can download completely for free. You’ll also find amazing team introduction PowerPoint slides to showcase and highlight all the skills of the people working with you.

You can use the complete presentation, or handpick whichever slide you find useful and insert them into your own presentation. And as with all our other templates, you can easily edit them to make them fit your own design.

Introducing Yourself PowerPoint Templates

Presenting ‘About Me’ PowerPoint Template

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These ‘Introduce Yourself’ PowerPoint slides are perfect for anyone trying to convey sobriety and professionalism. It offers different types of layouts for you to display all the necessary information about yourself. And it also includes visually engaging ways to present information about your experience and abilities. For example, pie and circle graphs so you can showcase your skill levels, or maps in case you have experience abroad. And in the end, you’ll also find a team introduction PowerPoint slide.

Creative Personal Resume PowerPoint Template

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If the last ‘introduce yourself’ PowerPoint slides were too muted for your taste, then these are definitely worth taking a look at! This colorful presentation will help you introduce yourself in a way that highlights your skills and creativity. You’ll be able to customize the slides with your own photographs and add your experience and educational background. Just like the last template pack, it also includes a map so you can showcase your experience abroad.

Creative Resume Template

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Blue is the perfect color to convey professionalism. If the first ‘introduce yourself’ PowerPoint template was too falt, but the second one too colorful, this one is the perfect middle. It has a professional and business-like design that still keeps an engaging layout. For example, you’ll be able to showcase your work experience on a timeline, language skills on pyramid diagrams, and your skills with editable bars. This PowerPoint template unique design will definitely catch your audience’s attention from the get-go.

Personal Resume PowerPoint Template

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This template is another great option for introducing yourself through PowerPoint. Its customized icons will help you convey all the information about you that your audience could need. It also includes different types of diagrams and graphs so you can display all your skills and work experience in a more eye-catching way. From circle diagrams to timelines to pyramids, these slides will make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Business Cards Template

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PowerPoint is great for more than just presentations! In this template pack, you’ll find 8 different designs for business cards you can use to introduce yourself. But since they’re designed in PowerPoint, there are many extra uses you can give them too! Use these as a introduce yourself PowerPoint slide, or to display your contact information at the end of your presentation. Their unique designs will make sure that you caught your audience’s attention immediately.

Team Introduction PowerPoint Templates

Team Slides PowerPoint Template

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Showcasing your team can be essential when trying to gain a new client. It shows that you have the manpower and abilities necessary to solve their problems. This team introduction PowerPoint template offers 8 different designs for you to flaunt your team and impress your audience. Pick whichever layout you like the most and add it to your own presentation. As always, all the slides are easily editable, so you can add your own pictures and customize the colors to make them fit your own color scheme.

Meet The Team PowerPoint Template

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If you’re looking to introduce your company to a potential investor or client, you might want to check out this template! It has all the slides you could need to give a complete overview of your business and the people involved. It includes slides like company profile, ‘Meet our leader, and complete team layout. But it also features some interesting additions that will help you make your presentation a success. For example, an infographic you can use to showcase your company’s values and vision, and a SWOT analysis slide.

Company Family Tree Template

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A team introduction PowerPoint is a great idea, but it’s even better when you can showcase the relationship between different members and roles! This free PowerPoint template will help you to do more than just introducing individual members of your company. If you’re working on getting new members on board, this team introduction PowerPoint might be an invaluable aid. It includes several designs of family trees for you to pick. And it also features a profile slide in case you want to take a closer look into specific members or roles.

Roles and Responsibilities Presentation Template

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Knowing who’s supposed to do what is essential for effective teamwork. That’s why this PowerPoint template is all about the roles and responsibilities of each member on your team. If you’re working on a new project, this PowerPoint template will help you introduce your team and make sure everyone’s on the same page concerning their roles. It includes an authority flowchart and different kinds of graphs so you can convey all the information you think necessary.

Corporate Hierarchy Template

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Just like the Company Family Tree presentation, this team introduction PowerPoint is perfect for showcasing your business hierarchical organization. Its corporate design will make sure that you stand out in a professional environment. Pyramid, circle, or stairs diagrams, it’s your pick to chose which one will fit better your presentation! It’s the perfect PowerPoint to not only introduce your team but to show how your company works from the inside.

Get Your Own Customized PowerPoint Presentations

If you liked the free templates designs, then you’re going to love 24Slides custom PowerPoint presentations! A PowerPoint presentation is a good place to start making a good impression. It’ll show your audience how committed you’re with a project and how much effort you’re willing to put into. But making a good PowerPoint presentation takes time and effort. So why not call professionals to do it?

24Slides offers a professional PowerPoint design service that will take any presentation you want to the next level. Our designers have experience in working with some of the biggest companies all around the world. They’ll make sure that your presentation design conveys all your information in the most engaging way possible, is aligned with your brand, and transmit exactly the message you want to get across to your audience.

How much difference a good presentation design can really make? A lot! And you can test it for yourself. You can try 24Slides design service for just $1. Our designers will be happy to show you the true potential of your slides!

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Where can I get PPT templates for free? ›

Top Sources for Free PowerPoint Templates
  • Behance.
  • Slides Carnival.
  • FPPT.
  • Slidesmash.
  • AllPPT.
  • Slide Hunter.
  • Graphic Panda.
  • Slide Model.
Sep 2, 2018

What are the best free PowerPoint templates? ›

These are the best free PowerPoint templates for your business:
  • Finance PowerPoint template. ...
  • Status report PowerPoint template. ...
  • Company profile PowerPoint template. ...
  • Business plan PowerPoint template. ...
  • Sales report PowerPoint template. ...
  • Pitch deck PowerPoint template. ...
  • Teamwork PowerPoint template. ...
  • Resume PowerPoint template.

How can I start my self introduction? ›

Self Introduction in Interview
  1. Dress Appropriately. ...
  2. Prepare what to say. ...
  3. Begin by Greeting the Interviewer. ...
  4. Include your Educational Qualifications. ...
  5. Elaborate on Professional Experience (if any) ...
  6. Mention your Hobbies and Interests. ...
  7. Be Prepared for Follow Up Questions. ...
  8. Sample 1.

Can I download templates for PowerPoint? ›

Under Templates, click a template category, select a template, and then click Download to download the template to your local drive.

How do I download a new template in PowerPoint? ›

To find a template or slide with background images to begin a new presentation, do the following:
  1. Click File > New.
  2. In the search box, do one of the following: ...
  3. Choose a template or design slide that has the backgrounds you like, and then click Download.

What is the most professional PowerPoint template? ›

Molli is a professional PowerPoint template you can use to design brand guidelines presentations for modern businesses and corporate agencies. It features 28 unique slides with stylish designs. You can also customize the slide layouts with different fonts, colors, and images as well.

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