5 Most Effective Self Defense Weapons for Women in 2020 (2022)

1. Stun Gun

I have identified stun gun as the best self defense weapon of 2020. To me, its smart, and a marvelous weapon to defend against the attackers. Stun Gun is a non lethal weapon designed ideally for women.

I would suggest women to be modernized and use this modern weapon for their protection. It is a small device that fits into the pocket, purse or bag. So, it is designed to be carried easily. The size is extremely small, but is effective than many huge defense weapons.

This small device features a couple of prongs that do the job for you. If you touch the attacker with its prongs, it would deliver a strong electrical shock.

This would leave him immobilized for some time, providing you enough time to escape the situation. Stun gun works quickly and easily. Whether you touch any part of the body of the attacker, it would work with similar effectiveness.

For women, stun gun is a perfect self defense weapon for some reasons. Firstly, it is non lethal, it does not inflict a permanant injury, rather just temporary immobilization.

Secondly, it is small and meant to be carried in the pocket or small bag. There is no chance of accidental injury as well. Hence, there is nothing to be afraid of as far as the women are concerned.

Furthermore, it is the easiest to use weapon. There is no button to push, no blade to deploy, no ammo to fire, and even no need to aim. All you need to do is just touch the attacker with the prongs and the damage would be done. The modern stun guns are available in smart designs, such as lipstick and mobile phone.

These designs are ideal because they help you carry them easily and launch a surprising counter attack on the attacker. A stun gun flashlight is another popular weapon that additionally provides a flashlight in the dark so that you can see attackers approaching you from a distance.

So, as a woman, what else would you want in your self defense weapon?

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is another fantastic self defense weapon for women. Due to its effectiveness in a survival situation, several men tend to carry it as well. It is another small device that can be carried in pocket and bag.

It is also called capsicum spray because capsaicin is the active ingredient in this spray. You may also have seen police officers using this spray to control the situations and catch the culprits. However, it has later been adopted as a self defense weapon by the general public.

Pepper spray is sprayed on the face of the attacker to cause some damage to his eyes and face. It has certain inflammatory impacts that allow the users to get rid of the attackers.

When sprayed on the face, it forces the attacker to close his eyes, and takes away vision as well. It can even cause temporary blindness to give you an opportunity to escape.

However, these effects are temporary and no permanent damage is caused to the eyes. The eyes may feel the burning effect for a short period of time, but the person would recover after that.

All in all, pepper spray is an effective weapon for women. They can carry it easily in their pants, provided the small size of the spray.

The modern designs are further small and smart. There is no problem using it; no training required. Once you get your hands on it, you are ready to spray it. But, make sure to spray it on the face of the attacker to do the damage at full force.

Spraying on other parts of the body may not work that well. Like stun guns, it is non lethal weapon that does not cause permanent injury. Similarly, no button to push, no blade to deploy, no ammo to fire, and no need to aim.

Just spraying on the face of the attacker would let you survive the attack!

3. Hidden Blade Knives

Hidden Blade knives have emerged as perfect self defense weapons for women. They are becoming popular. Though they feature blades, but are still considered unlikely to cause permanent injury.

They are not very lethal because the blades attached to them are incredibly small. These blades have the capability to let your survive the attack though!

There are plenty of hidden blades available in the market. As a woman, you must be eyeing the lipstick knives, pen knives, boot knives and neck knives. These blades are pretty easy to carry.

Your lipstick knife would appear like your real lipstick, but it features a blade which emerges when you twist the tube of the lipstick. Your pen knife is a pen that additionally includes a small blade. Similarly, boot knives can be carried inside your boots.

If you tend to wear ankle boots, make sure to carry these boots in them to fight the attackers. Neck knives would be like your necklaces that incorporate blades covered with the protective sheaths.

Whether you choose any of these hidden blades knives, your survival against the attacks is guaranteed. They allow you to launch a surprising counter attack on the attacker as he would struggle to identify where those blades come from.

Don’t be reluctant to use these blades because in a life/death situation, you need to do everything to save your life. They are easiest to use blades that have the capability to ensure your survival when dealing with the attackers.

4. Folding Knife

Folding knife is also called pocket knife sometimes. It is a small bladed knife that is designed to be carried in the pocket. The reason why it is a folding knife is because the blade of this knife is folded inside the handle.

Not a very lethal weapon, considering the small size of the blade. When the blade is deployed, the knife is not the biggest. But, the size is significantly reduced by folding the blade. More importantly, it is pretty effective!

Certain features of this knife makes it ideal self defense weapon for women. First of all, the blade is so small and can be folded in the handle.

So, carrying it in the pocket is not an issue. Secondly, the knife is easiest to use. Don’t be concerned about the folding and locking mechanism. You just need to push a button or apply some force to open the blade to its full position.

There is nothing else to learn about the knife. Also, no need to aim because the blade would inflict an injury on any part of the attacker’s body.

If as a woman you ignore the lethal nature of a weapon, you are making a mistake. A blade is still more effective than any other weapon. The research has determined that people fear blades more than even the firearms,

So, don’t ignore the effectiveness of a blade. A folding knife can be your perfect companion in a self defense situation. It would make attackers fear you.

Seeing a knife in your hands, they won’t dare to come closer to you.

If you don’t want attackers to approach you, get a folding knife in your arsenal as your primary self defense weapon.

5. Cat Self Defense Keychain

A keychain can be your survival weapon, yes, a keychain. Brace yourself as we bring an ideal weapon for you to defend against the attackers.

Among the smart weapons on the list, this cat self defense keychain is perhaps the smartest! Anyways, it is exactly a normal keychain. Counting the specs of this keychain, the greatest one is the cat shape.

It looks like the face of a cat with two ears at the top and two giant holes that make the eyes. The big question is how it works as a weapon!

The two holes that make the cat’s eyes are for placing the two fingers. You can put your fingers into the eyes to wear this on the fingers.

Once the keychain is worn, the so-called ears of the cats work as the knuckles for punching someone. These ears are the strong, sharp spikes that can inflict serious injury when struck on the face.

So, you can put it on your fingers and punch the attacker to injure him and escape to save your life. Yes, it’s that simple!

As a woman, you must be looking for a small weapon that has a simple operating mechanism. This keychain is small, but can cause a long term injury. However, you need to punch right on the face of the attacker.

Don’t spend hours in training how to punch. Rather, just learn the right spot to hit, but work on your punching skills.

That sounds a little manly weapon, but once you learn its effectiveness in a self defense situation, you would prefer this over all other weapons on this list. Moreover, this is easiest to carry with its lowest weight and smallest size. After all, it is just a keychain. Really, just a keychain?

Know the weapon that you are most comfortable with, but first give a try with all of them. Figure out the weapon that you can easily handle, and carry it with you to survive deadly attacks by the bad guys of the society.

I hope you stay safe and prevent from being victimized! Suggest these weapons to your loved ones to save them from such attacks as well. Yes, the ones you care about!

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