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A web developer needs to upgrade his/her skills consistently with time. The best way to keep improving one's coding skills is by taking up small web app project ideas and developing on the side on weekends.

Such small web app projects are good to try for several reasons like:

  • Such projects take very less time
  • It’s a fun way to upgrade your skills
  • Learn new development tools and scripts
  • You get to try out new categories of web apps
  • Such initiatives will look good on your work resume
  • You can try new, unconventional development methods
  • Be your own boss and work without a safety net on the project
  • If the web app is really good, it could turn into a profitable venture

Now you know why such side projects web app ideas are useful for a web developer like you. It’s time to learn what are you doing wrong while coming up with web application ideas for the project.

There would be several colleagues of yours who work on their own web app side projects, but it seems difficult then it looks, right?


The issue is that you unknowingly restrict your capabilities of thinking new web app ideas. For example, we may unintentionally limit the types of projects that we feel are ‘worthy’ as side projects or underestimate our skills and remove good web app ideas from the list.

So, I will try to rectify this mistake and give a fair chance to you as well as the best web application ideas that I found after doing detailed research for about 2.5 weeks.

Best 10 Ideas For Web App Project Development In 2020

Here are the 10 best web app project ideas of 2020 that you must consider for your web app development side project.

Lifestyle Web App Ideas

1. YouTube Radio Web App

YouTube is the biggest video content platform, with 500 hours of video getting uploaded on the platform every minute. There are so many genres and topics of video content being uploaded that searching what you want to see becomes more difficult each day.

The YouTube Radio web app solves this issue by providing a customized/personalized video playlist to its users. The app will study the viewing habits and video searches made by the user and then create a personalized video playlist for the users.

What you as a developer need to do is build a program that recognizes the video categories and the video keywords and find the most viewed and commented videos matching with the categories and keywords and present them in a playlist.

2. AI-Browser Cookies

Life is so easy due to Google, but what if we can make Google more personalized and life even easier!

What if Google would know what you wish to know even before you ask? That is what AI-browser cookies will help you achieve. It’ll be a plugin web app that will monitor the users' Google search and daily web habits in detail and create a persona with the results.

With an AI-powered Browser Cookie web app, the users will have a single browser experience across all the devices they own. So, all your browser history and preferences from various devices will be saved into a single web profile.

So, you can continue reading the “Top 10 Web App Ideas Blog” in your home PC which you found on your office system.

3. Memes & GIFs Portal

Do you love memes? Who doesn’t, right?

GIFs and Memes are an integral part of internet culture. Everyone from kids to elders indulges in viewing and sharing memes and GIFs with their friends, families, and colleagues. You must have already guessed what I am proposing here.

Develop a web app portal where people can search for Memes and GIFs and get accurate results. You can either build a repository of memes and GIFs or create a search engine that finds and shows results only for such materials.

4. Machine Learning Astrology

Are you thinking of making something simpler than the ones mentioned above? How about an ML-based astrology web app. It’s really simple to build, and there is a high potential user base for such a web app.

You may think people don’t believe in horoscopes and astrology anymore, but you are far from the truth. Almost all the Asian countries follow some sort of astrology in their culture, and there are millions of staunch believers in these countries. And, I haven’t even added the people from other continents like Europe, Africa, America, and Australia.

The concept is quite simple if you know the basics of Machine Learning. You need to create an algorithm that takes in the information of daily horoscope, find the pattern of predictions based on the astrological phenomenons and viola! You have a precise ML-based astrology web app.

Security Web Apps

5. Family Location Tracking App

In present times when the crime rate has risen drastically, the safety of one's family and friends is of utmost importance. Giving a solution to this fear, you can provide a location tracking app that families and friends can use to make sure their loved ones are always safe.

The app may seem invasive to some, but it is a perfect app for families with young kids or elders. With such an app, only the listed contacts can know the location of each other. You can also add an SOS feature using which the user can share their location with a distress call to chosen contacts and local police authorities.

GPS integration is the biggest development module of the app. Once you have cracked the live-location sharing feature, everything else is a piece of cake from thereon.

6. Crime Alert Web App

We just talked about crime rates, so here is another web app idea that ensures the safety of the general citizens. A crime alert web app works similar to a social media app like Facebook or Instagram but for crime alerts.

People witnessing a crime in their locality can post about the incident in real-time on this platform, and everyone registered to the app in that location will get notified about the crime. You can also add features like live share location, pictures, and videos on the web app platform.

This would be a lengthy project, but if done correctly, you can launch this as a startup and begin your career as a technology entrepreneur.

In digital times, digital crimes are also rocketing. So, people need a way to keep themselves safe from online threats like sexual predators, fraud accounts, internet trolls, etc. What you can do is create a web app plugin that warns its users whenever a “threatening account” tries to contact them.

Imagine it like the truecaller app but for social media accounts. This will be a perfect web app for kids and women who face the most threat online. The app can be built as a director of accounts that people mark as “threats” whenever they face unpleasant encounters with.

Fun Web Apps

8. Review Web App like IMDb

If you don’t know what IMDb is (which is almost impossible!), it’s the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). General people and movie critiques rate and review movies on this platform. IMDb already exists, but you can create a similar web app platform for something else.

Some ideas for a review web app:

  • Home Electronics Products
  • Restaurants
  • Books
  • Paintings & Art Pieces
  • Salons
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Movie Theatre
  • Cameras/Mobiles/Laptops
  • Songs & YouTube Videos

This are just a few drops of ideas, if you think hard and research well; you’ll find a whole lake of ideas.

9. Mood Analyzer App

It may sound like a funny and unreal web app idea, but it’s doable. The app, as the name suggests, will detect the mood of the user by tracking their mobile and desktop activity.

The logic is simple; the app user can add their location, activities, events, etc. which took place in the day and based on their entries and the mobile activity log the web app can deduce the person's mood. Based on the mood, the web app will provide suggestions to the users on how to have a good day.

10. Sleep Inducer App

Insomnia is a serious problem that affects 30% of the world population. People try different things to sleep like taking cold showers, drinking warm milk and cookies before sleep, etc. But the most proven technique is sleep-inducing sound waves and hypnotic relaxation music.

So, you will be making a web app that makes white noises like rain, beach, wind, etc. or slow trance music to induce sleep. You can also create such an app for children in which instead of music, you would play children’s bedtime stories.
The web app’s UI should be such that with time the lights start to dim, and the sound waves or background music changes to help the sleep faster.

Time To Start Your Web App Project

These are the 10 best web app ideas that I had to offer. There are several more web app project ideas out there that you can try out. Remember that developing such a side projects is the most important way to develop your skills.

You are not here to change the world or create a billion-dollar startup (although if this happens, it’ll be amazing). These web app projects are to improve your skills and create your portfolio as a web app developer.


10 Web App Ideas You Can Build As Side Projects | Codementor? ›

Best 10 Ideas For Web App Project Development In 2020
  1. YouTube Radio Web App. YouTube is the biggest video content platform, with 500 hours of video getting uploaded on the platform every minute. ...
  2. AI-Browser Cookies. ...
  3. Memes & GIFs Portal. ...
  4. Machine Learning Astrology.
Oct 23, 2020

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